Search and Rescue Vehicle (4x4 pick-up)

An all-purpose, 4x4 pick-up search and rescue vehicles for all weather and road conditions are fully equipped for night and day operations.

Thanks to the equipment mounted on Ford, Mercedes and other vehicle brands, your teams succeed in emergency response and, search and rescue operations.

The equipment on our rescue vehicles include:

- Three-phase electric generator,
- Cutting - spreader set,
- Pneumatic lifting bags and equipment (20 tons, 40 tons, 67 tons)
- Complete air breathing device and set,
- Concrete and iron cutting machine,
- Rotary hammer equipment,
- Reciprocating saw,
- Scoop stretcher,
- Vacuum stretcher,
- Tripod,
- Tool box,
- Complete health set
- Traffic warning set,
- Telescopic lighting and other equipment (optional). 

Operator Training:  

On delivery, those responsible  for operation of the vehicle’s bodywork including the ladder, tank, pump, electronic and hydraulic systems can receive training in how to operate the equipment in our company, free of charge.


Our vehicle (truck-chassis) are under warranty  for two years. Vehicle bodywork is under warranty  for five years for faulty material and workmanship.

Delta Insaat; reserves the right to change all information in this document for better production purposes without notice. Delta Insaat; cannot be responsible for the possible mistakes on the printing, typography and translation of this document.

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