Fire Fighting Vehicles with Hydraulic Ladder

Ladder Length : 42 meters, special aluminum alloy, light and very strong structure.

Ladder Subframe: ST 52 Steel

Water tank : 2000 liters to 10.000 liters. 304L Cr-Ni stainless steel.  Tank capacity is determined according to the chosen truck type. There is a breakwater row in    the water tank.

Foam tank: Its capacity can be between 200 liters and 1.000 liters.

All of the valves are made of stainless material.

The control panel on the water pump has the following controls on it:

- Pump start /stop button
- Emergency stop button
- Pump working hour counter
- Motor tachometer
- Vacuum meter
- Manometer for normal and high pressure
- Sweep valve control
- “Gas +” and “Gas –“ buttons
- Rear projector control


The monitor on top of the vehicle is made of aluminum cast alloy material and  has a water treatment capacity of 2400 liters/minute with 8 to 10 bars pressure.
50 meters water discharge distance and 30 meters foam discharge distance.
The monitor is able to rotate 360o horizontally and can move 60o up and 30o down.
Water can either be sprayed or directed at high-power in a small radius.

Emergency sweep:

It is located in the right or left cabinet of the vehicle. (optional)
There is a trigger gun on the end of the hose which can fog and produce a water jet.
The hose inner diameter is 3/4”, 50 meters long, durable to 50 bars operation and 100 bars burst (instantaneous)  pressure.

Hydraulic ladder:

Operating between -10o to 75o degrees vertically and reaching up to 42 meters height, the hydraulic ladder has six pieces, one within the other.  The ladder is able to rotate 360o horizontally and  left and right continuously.
It can turn in both directions without limitation or any mechanical restrictions.  This reduces unnecessary operations time. The ladder also has a hydraulically and electrically driven continuous rotation system.

Vehicle basket:

Contains a monitor on one side of the ladder which has a 250 Kg. and three person carrying capacity and an automatic stabilization system. 
The movements of the ladder stabilization system and basket folding system are handled by a separate electrically operated hydraulic unit.
There is a monitor on the vehicle basket made of aluminum cast alloy material that has a water treatment capacity of 1200 liters per minute with 8 to 10 bars pressure. 
The monitor is portable and it can be easily mounted when in operation. 
The monitor can be rotated 360o horizontally and moved 60o up and 30o down.
Special plastic nozzle can spray a stream of water or directed water at high-power in small radius.
There is an operator chair platform for controlling the ladder, which rotates together with the ladder.
The ladder can be operated from the basket by means of a joystick.
Ladder control is proportional, adjusted according to the length of the ladder.
All movements of the ladder can be monitored from the operator control panel. Forth-back, up-down, right-left movements and an increase in the weight of the basket can be monitored by the ladder condition information system from the operator’s chair.
In case the ladder exceeds the secure usage limits and poses a danger, it is blocked by an electronic system and operation is prevented in this position.
The ladder has an active weight detection system related to the extending distance of the legs and its operation limit is blocked.
Ladder extension, rotation and declination movements can also be limited. The more the support legs extend, the more the ladder set can carry loads and extend.
The vehicle can be easily and securely stabilized with a vehicle stabilization system and can be leveled in  streets wide enough for it to enter.
It has an automatic deceleration and stopping security system  for the maximum elevation angle and maximum ladder height. 
In case of an accident,  if the vehicle or the hydraulic system of the vehicle cease to function, there is a separate gasoline motor operated hydraulic power unit to operate the hydraulic system of the ladder. 

Operator Training:  

On delivery, those responsible  for operation of the vehicle’s bodywork including the ladder, tank, pump, electronic and hydraulic systems can receive training in how to operate the equipment in our company, free of charge.


Our vehicle (truck-chassis) are under warranty  for two years. Vehicle bodywork is under warranty  for five years for faulty material and workmanship.  

Delta Insaat; reserves the right to change all information in this document for better production purposes without notice. Delta Insaat; cannot be responsible for the possible mistakes on the printing, typography and translation of this document.

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